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EA and Suda 51 are working on a brand new third-person action game project that’s actually pretty much a twisted, modern version of Dante’s Inferno. The game follows a demon hunter, and get this, where the love of his life is captured and sent to a super funked up hell where he must venture through killing hordes in order to save her. Sound familiar?

Shinji Mikami, Creative Producer of Shadows of the Damned commented in the press release, saying…
"With Shadows of the Damned, gamers will fight for love in the most difficult arena imaginable … hell," said. "Players will find themselves surrounded by demons set on destroying their heart and soul. Only the strong will survive."

Yeah, I think we were told the same thing when Dante’s Inferno was announced. Anyway, Goichi Suda, CEO of Grasshopper Manufacture had a few of his own thoughts to share about the upcoming title, saying…
"We are excited to finally take the cover off our latest project and invite gamers from around the globe to experience this new, warped world we have created," …"By partnering with EA, a publisher that truly shares our commitment to quality and innovation, we have been able to develop Shadows of the Damned according to our ambitious vision while creating an entertainment property we believe will appeal to a global audience."

The game sees players assuming the role of Garcia, a leather-clad, motorcycle riding demon hunter who has to fight some of the most deformed and recycled baddies from previous Capcom and EA games in highly stylized action sequences.

Shadows of the Damned is set for release during the summer of 2011. You can check out the debut trailer and a few screenshots of the game below. For more info feel free to visit the Official EA Website.

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