A lot of anti-Kinect enthusiasts have been gung-ho about not wanting the “laggy” device invading their core games. In the opinion of most gamers who don’t support Microsoft’s controller-free device, it needs to stay far away from anything that isn’t casual.

Well, Capcom feels strongly about the possibilities of Kinect and what kind of gaming opportunities come along with it. In a new developer documentary for Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor, gamers get a good look at how playing with the controller and using Kinect at the same time can make for a very intense experience. Take note, though: the developers are all speaking in Japanese since this is from TGS and there are no subtitles, sadly. Still, all the rest of the trailer is in English and it’s pretty obvious how the gesture controls work and coincide with the controller support. Check it out below.

The beach invasion reminds me a lot of a re-imagining of D-Day at Normandy. I love the aesthetic and almost World War II feel that the game has, along with the visceral sense of do-or-die moments. Man, I really hope the entire game is like that and it’s not just some spaced out quick-time events or whatever; it would be pretty neat if the whole game actually required players to stay alert, use some wit and constantly keep the men in check when things get hairy. That's not to mention that using Kinect in the game actually seems to serve a workable purpose and would only add to the excitement.

For now, at least Steel Battalion is an FPS that is not a Call of Duty clone and that’s good news. The only trouble is whether the game will be able to do well enough to post a profit for Capcom and justify the risk. You can learn more about Steel Battalion by visiting the Official Website.

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