Earlier today we reported on THQ's $56 million dollar loss throughout the third quarter of 2011. This follows on their previous public announcement that they would no longer be focusing on casual games given that the casual sector is where they lost $56 million dollars. What's more is that THQ's CEO, Brian Farrell, believes that the company can make serious headway by launching new IP on next-gen consoles, including the PS4 and Xbox Trinity.

According to CVG, Farrell stated that...
I agree that as we approach a potential new console cycle it does introduce an element of risk. Another way to think about that is it does present a tremendous amount of opportunity... The best time to establish new IP is near the beginning of a new cycle and we think that can provide a tremendous opportunity for the transformation of THQ.

The transformation he's talking about coincides with his earlier statements about abandoning casual games. This means that whatever new IP THQ has lined up for the next-gen consoles would be 100% hardcore gaming bliss.

What's more, though, is that according to GameZone THQ isn't simply saving all their big guns for Microsoft and Sony's new consoles, they have a few unnannounced core titles for Nintendo's upcoming Wii U, as well as ports planned for release when the system launches this fall, including DarkSiders II and Metro: Last Light.

As for those of you questioning why we're no longer calling the next Xbox the Xbox 720 feel free to check out why our readers would prefer if we called it the Xbox Trinity.

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