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The title of Tecmo Bowl Throwback clearly suggests that the game will be based on the retro Tecmo Bowl games. However, it's to an even greater extent than you can imagine.

"The new game actually uses code from the SNES version, the 1991 version of the game," Throwback producer Mike Fahrny said in an interview with ESPN. "And we actually looked at Throwback side by side with the SNES version throughout the entire development process just to make sure we were giving fans that original experience that everybody has been asking for along with some new updates like 3D graphics."

The player stats are all the same, too. However, there are no official NFL teams or players (due to EA's exclusive NFL license) so they had to rename everything. You can manually edit player names, though, and the team cities still conform to the NFL teams so it's possible to recreate the official rosters from the SNES Tecmo Bowl if you're so inclined.

Throwback is due on PSN and Xbox Live Arcade this spring.

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