This week's list of releases on the PlayStation Network is something of a megaton, featuring multiple full PlayStation 3 games (Like Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and NHL 13), some new PSN titles, a PS2 classic and...a demo for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3?

We don't usually focus on demos in these types of weekly updates, but when one of said demos is for a game that is nearly a year old, our ears tend to perk up. So if you have an interest in the CoD series but have managed to save your money until now, you can finally try out the biggest game in the series on your PS3.

If you're looking for something newer to sink your teeth into, this week's The Drop on the PlayStation Blog is offering up a pretty meaty platter.

The martial arts action of fighting game Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and the fast and furious hockey antics of NHL 13 both hit store shelves this week, as well as the PlayStation Network. If you don't feel like putting on some pants to go get your new titles this week, you can just stay on the coach and wait for the PSN to update sometime tomorrow afternoon.

You'll also have access to a couple of PS3 backlog games, including Battlefield 3: Premium Edition and Max Payne 3. BF3PE will come with access to all five expansion packs for the first-person shooter while Max Payne 3 offers the cop-turned-body-guard's noire tale in a tidy downloadable form.

This week's PSN update also sees the arrival of Double Dragon Neon, which will be free for PlayStation Plus subscribers, as well as the tactical battlefield offerings of Anomaly: Warzone Earth. Footy fans will also be able to get their hands (feet?) on FIFA Street 3, offering the over-the-top, showboaty experience of indoor soccer on your home console.

Finally, La Pucelle: Tactics returns from the PlayStation 2 era to put players in control of a demon hunting squad on a mission to save their kingdom.

Free up some space on the ole' hard drive. With this week's PSN update, it's likely you'll need all of the room you can spare.

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