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The worldwide launch of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is about a month away. To get everyone psyched about the impending throw-down, Namco Bandai has sent out a sharply done CGI trailer.

In the trailer, various fighters head to the King of Iron Fist Tournament. The game has 50 characters in all so not all of them are shown. However, many fan favorites make appearances, including Heihachi, Kazuya and Nina Williams.

Tag Tournament 2 will have a storyline (unlike the first Tag Tournament) but it's not clear what it is yet. I'm not expecting a very intricative narrative. The real point of the game is to give players the ability to play as a wide selection of characters from throughout the series in 2v2 tag match-ups. The story is just window dressing.

Namco will release TTT2 on September 11th in North America. The game will spread to other territories across the world in the same week.

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