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Even though you may have already watched the Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer about a dozen times already, you may have missed one of the biggest revelations not announced: There's a fourth, brand new Pokemon in the game.

Check the mid left hand corner of the screen at the 12 second mark in the video below.

Did you see it? Try again and pause it at the 12 second mark. Well, IGN saw it thanks to Twitter user mattcavalcanti. While some are calling the trailer above a “new” trailer, it's actually the same gameplay debut trailer for Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon that was recently published, only this time it's in Japanese.

A screenshot has been floating around social media pointing toward the little unannounced Pokemon, giving gamers a heads-up on what to look for. You can check out the image below.

New Pokemon

Based on the image it appears as if it's some sort of quadrupedal puppy-like Pokemon. It appears to have a bushy, curled up tail and pointy ears. It very well could be another cat-like Pokemon, but given that they've just announced that Litten – a cat-like Pokemon – will be one of the starting pets in Pokemon Sun and Moon, it's more likely that this mystery Pokemon will be dog-based.

Obviously it's small given its relative size to the little boy in the corner, but it's impossible to glean any other sorts of information from a single screenshot. It almost looks as if it has a collar around its neck but again, it's tough to see given how small it is in the screenshot. So far only Litten, Rowlet and Popplio.

There have been a lot of little things uncovered from single screenshots and small hints let loose in the trailer for Pokemon Sun and the accompanying release of Pokemon Moon, including the completely revamped battle system that introduces all new background stages, and the addition of spectators being present while a player does battle.

It feels as if Game Freak is taking some necessary steps in involving the Pokemon game franchise to be more immersive as a role-playing game. One of the most requested features has been for the active Pokemon to follow the trainer around like in many other RPGs where players can collect pets. We don't know for sure if that feature is going to be present given how little has been showcased of the game, but a lot of fans are standing by, eating up every little piece of information that becomes available.

We still also haven't received word on how the new transportation system will work or what sort of options will be present in Pokemon Sun and Moon, but I'm sure we'll find out soon enough. Both games are due for release on the Nintendo 3DS later this year on November 18.

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