There Could Be An Injustice 2 In The Works, According To Leak

Some leaks from GameStop appear to have put Injustice 2 on the roadmap, causing the game to trend on social media. What happened exactly? Well, GameStop mistakenly let a poster loose that ended up getting snapped by someone with a phone and shared to the gaming media.

According to IGN GameStop had an Injustice 2-branded poster at one of their stores, which is being sent out to select locations nationwide. The poster features Batman facing off against The Flash, with Batman wearing some kryptonite-powered battle armor while The Flash is in some flashy lightning armor. At the bottom of the poster there's the tagline “Every Battle Defines You”.

The Twitter universe has lit up, spreading the poster far and wide. User Samerr0093 was one of many who shared the partial image of the poster.

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A lot of gamers were skeptical about the leak, and instantly they began to flood the Twitter accounts of the NetherRealm developers, asking for confirmation about whether or not the leak is legitimate. With E3 just around the corner, most people assumed that the game was set to be revealed at this year's big event, and that the posters were being sent out to coincide with an announcement for the Injustice sequel, possibly due next week.

Well, IGN managed to catch wind of the reaction from NetherRealm Studios' head honcho, Ed Boon, who posted up the following tweet in relation to GameStop leaking the newest Injustice game that the team is presumably working on.

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It's a fun way that practically confirms that GameStop dropped the ball in preemptively leaking Injustice 2.

IGN suspects that while Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment won't be hosting a press conference at this year's E3, they will likely unveil their big guns during either Sony or Microsoft's E3 conference, which is usually par the course for when third-parties have really big AAA titles to drop during the event but aren't hosting their own conference.

A sequel to Injustice: Gods Among Us isn't too far out in left field given that the first game was well received amongst critics and gamers alike, and was highly praised for the Story and single-player content, along with the unlockables and challenges. An equally compelling story, better graphics and improved gameplay could go a long way with making Injustice 2 a standout game for the generation.

Some fans are already asking NetherRealm Studios to include cameos from Stephen Amell and Grant Gustin, the former of which plays Green Arrow on the CW show Arrow and the latter of which plays The Flash on the CW show The Flash. Amell previously had a small cameo in the original Injustice as an alternate skin for the Green Arrow, and provided his voice and likeness to the character. It would be a nice nod from NetherRealm to DC fans if either of the two made an appearance.

There's also the small instance of Supergirl being added to the CW's line-up, so maybe Melissa Benoist will join the game in a cameo as an alternate skin for the character? That's assuming Supergirl makes the roster. I'm sure we'll get the complete lowdown on the game come E3 next week.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.