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If you're getting tired of these newfangled current gen video games, then maybe you'd like to experience a blast from the past? The Xbox One is about to add a trio of new games to its backwards compatibility lineup, so get ready to fight aliens with a jetpack, fight oppressors with a wristblade and fight the asphalt with fast cars.

Rather than bother with teasers and the like, Microsoft's own Major Nelson took to Twitter today to just flat-out announce the latest games taking advantage of the Xbox One's backwards compatibility functionality. They include Dark Void, Grid 2 and the game that launched a million sequels, Assassin's Creed.

With backwards compatibility announced for Xbox One last year, the folks over at Microsoft have been releasing a handful of games at a time, giving players the chance to experience classic titles for the first time on their new console, or go ahead and re-download old favorites onto their current console.

This latest trio of options ranges the spectrum, giving players a nice selection of older favorites to dive into.

If you've ever wanted to strap a jetpack to your back and soar through the sky while battling alien invaders, the Dark Void is the game for you. This third-person action romp gives you the ability to steal alien tech and use it to your own advantage while exploring mysterious locales and hijacking UFOs mid-flight.

Over to Assassin's Creed and players are in for two types of history lesson. You'll learn a bit about the past while hunting down tyrants and stabbing them in the throat. Fun! While the original Assassin's Creed is lacking many of the features later games fleshed out for the series, you'll get to see the skeleton of a formula that was so powerful it spawned pretty much a sequel a year for the past half-decade.

And then there's Grid 2, a driving game that, well, lets you drive a lot of cars. The more recent of this trio of new back-compat games, Grid 2 is bursting with cars and features, meaning gearheads in the audience will find plenty to keep them busy under this particular hood.

Along with last week's Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Alan Wake, Halo Wars and Pac-Man, the hits just keep on rolling with backwards compatible games on the Xbox One. If nothing else, all of these last gen gems serve as nice padding until the next big current gen launch crashes onto the console.

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