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Thrustmaster sent out a reminder that the GPX LightBack and GPX standard controllers will be made available sometime this month for the Xbox 360 and PC. Both controllers have a snazzy, sports-car quality design and will actually be made available at an affordable price.

If you were a fan of the Thrustmaster Ferrari controller (and by all means, it's one of the absolute sexiest controllers ever designed...ever!) then you'll probably also dig the new GPX and GPX LightBack, both offering trademark Thrustmaster functionality and design schemes.

As stated in the press release...
The 2 precision gauges feature 8 built-in LEDs that provide the player with real-time information while the Light Feedback feature enhances the ministicks with interactive backlighting that illuminates with in-game events (e.g. firing rate, impacts sustained, etc.). For enhanced gameplay, the GPX LightBack offers a Vibration Feedback feature controlled by 2 high-frequency vibration motors built into the device's grips. Furthermore (and this is the hallmark of Thrustmaster's official Xbox 360 licensed controllers), the ministicks offer precision levels that are twice that of most currently available controllers, thanks to new optimized firmware.

Even beyond all the tech talk, let's just go over the look of the controller...first off the GPX LightBack features LEDs across the top of the controller and light-ups beneath the analog sticks, giving the controller a high-tech, one-of-kind look from all the competitors out there. No, it's still not as sexy as the the Thrustmaster Ferrari controller but it comes awfully close.

The other cool part about the GPX brand is how sleek the grips are, ensuring that when your palms get all balmy and clammy, you'll still have the rubber material to ensure that the controller doesn't slip and slide out of your hand like the standard Xbox 360 pads.

You can look for the Thrustmaster GPX and GPX Lightback to launch sometimes this month for the suggested retail price of $29.99 for the GPX and $39.99 for the GPX LightBack. Need more info? Feel free to visit the Official Website.