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One part Shadow of the Colossus, one part old-school Zelda and one part original ideas, Titan Souls is headed to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita early next year as part of Devolver Digital’s uber push to get more indie games into the hands of more players.

During the E3 2014 PlayStation press conference, Devolver unleashed a montage trailer showing off a collection of games the publisher will be bringing to Sony platforms this year and next. One of those titles was Titan Souls, a game where the player is armed with a single indestructible arrow and a mission of destroying the titular Titans.

Titan Souls drops you into the midst of a desolate world you have no knowledge of,” explains Acidnerve’s Mark Foster on the PlayStation Blog. “Exploration will soon reveal the hiding places of the Titans that reside here, and it’s your job to take them down.”

Foster goes on to explain that he and his teammates at Acidnerve are big fans of tough boss battles; a passion they expect many gamers also share. And that’s exactly the type of epic encounters Titan Souls offers, one where the player can be destroyed in just a single hit. Turnaround is fair play in this upcoming indie game, though, as landing your arrow on the Titan’s weak point is all it will take to bring them down. That, of course, will be easier said than done. You can catch a brief glimpse of the game in action below.

Like so many big buzz games of this day and age, the idea fr Titan Souls spawned from a Lundum Dare jam in which teams were tasked with creating a game over the course of a single weekend. The only rule was that the games follow the simple them of “you only get one.” The team at Acidnerve took the theme to heart, applying the “one” them to the number of weapons the player gets and the number of hit points available.

“We initially thought this might have been a hard sell, but we were thrilled by the positive feedback we received and immediately took up the opportunity to make Titan Souls into a full game with the help of Devolver Digital,” Foster continued.

Working with that initial game jam offering as a backbone, the team created a new engine to run their game, started beefing up the graphics and smoothing out the movement, plus threw in a whole bunch of extra boss fights for punishment seekers to sink their teeth into.

Look for it on the PS4 and Vita early next year.
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