Coming off the debacle that was “Project Icebreaker”, allegedly enacted by Activision Blizzard head honcho, Bobby Kotick, gamers were all-in on Vince Zampella and Jason West; seeing them as the duo that helped make first-person shooters awesome again with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and then righteously screwed out of their hard-earned money at the hands of money-hatting scoundrels. Quite naturally, gamers were keen to know what the duo were up to when they formed Respawn Entertainment; and gamers were equally curious if the studio's first project would be as passionate as their work on the original Modern Warfare.

The new video for Titanfall is more of a passion-play than a promotional piece. We see key members of Respawn talking about what makes the game work and what makes the studio tick, and it's almost easy to forget about the battle of 720p, resolution wars or the fact that it's being published by the two-time running Worst Company in America.

The video is more-so grounded in the effort and time Respawn is dedicating to bringing their vision of the game to life (whether you like Call of Duty with mechs or not). There's more talk about living up to a critical standard than showing anything that we haven't already seen from the alpha footage or previously released videos.

There is one gameplay highlight of the video I didn't notice before and it's the super-epic, Spartan Kick at the 4:05 mark. Did you see that?

That was the sort of thing that causes bodily liquids to spill from places they aren't supposed to.

I'm not really big on competitive shooters anymore because I've become burned out on them, but if you're still into the fast-paced, arena deathmatch gameplay offered from the likes of Call of Duty or – on a slightly larger scale – Battlefield, then you might enjoy Titanfall when it drops this March for the Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.

To accompany the game's launch is a series of other ancillary items, including the Titanfall themed controller and a big patch to fix up the Xbox One's functional shortcomings as well.

Even if the game won't be showing off much of the Xbox One's graphics prowess (not that it has a lot to show off) at least Microsoft will finally have a killer-app to help move consoles following the holiday drought that plagues gaming during those late winter and early spring days.

You can learn more about Titanfall by paying a kind visit to the official website. A beta of some sort will get underway soon, but don't expect that Respawn will let just anyone in.

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