Titanfall Won't Support Split-Screen Multiplayer

Remember back in the day how you would invite over a few friends to play Crackdown on the Xbox 360 ,and when they got over to your place you all realized that the game only had two-player co-op online modes? And then someone would have to drive home in order to do co-op? Remember how stupid that was? Well, you'll have to do the same thing with Titanfall.

The upcoming game for Xbox 360, PC and Xbox One has been under the public eye of scrutiny for some time, and even more-so leading up to the game's release. We found out that the game would be limited to 6-vs-6 multiplayer bouts, with AI filling out the rest of the ranks. We learned that the closed alpha featured a lot of player-on-bot play. We also learned that Titanfall would not support microtransactions (a huge thing considering that it's being published by EA). Today, we find out the game won't be featuring split-screen support.

A very curious gamer asked Respawn on their official Twitter if the futuristic CoD-with-mechs shooter would sport the always welcomed split-screen option. Here's what Respawn had to say in response...

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There's a deep discussion going on: is it worth the time and effort from a developer to implement split-screen play when not everyone uses split-screen play? Well, here's a better question: is it worth the time and effort for developers to put in any option that gamers may or may not use? Subtitles? Volume control? Multiple control schemes? Male or female soldiers? The option to play online or offline?

Some gamers argue that split-screen is old-school; that the new generation of gaming should entirely focus on online multiplayer only. I mean, who has friends that they see sometimes in real-life? Families these days don't play games together... the entire seventh gen that was dominated by the Wii and its multiplayer games was apparently a fluke. Oh yeah, and all those people who you see playing online together in Mario Kart Wii, Call of Duty, Sonic & All-Strars Transformed and a bunch of other games aren't the kind of people who would obviously buy Titanfall for the option to do a little split-screen mayhem... right?

So let's add up this tally: 6-vs-6. No offline single-player mode. No split-screen, either locally dedicated or with local plus online play. No 1080p for the Xbox One. No options to turn AI off or adjust their settings. Well, at least the game won't have microtransactions... that's a good thing, right?

Some gamers at least feel the game's alpha seems to compensate for its lack of other options and features. I can't say because I haven't played the game yet. So far, it looks good for what it is but it's not the sort of game I could see investing like 100 hours into. However, everyone will find out just how engaging the game really is when it launches in March for the Xbox home consoles and PC. Need more info? Feel free to pay a kind visit to the game's official website.

Here's also some footage from the game's closed alpha.

Titanfall Alpha Gameplay by Fran78888

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