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Xbox One's Titanfall Alpha Gameplay Video Actually Looks Good

Yes, the Xbox One's gameplay footage of Titanfall's closed alpha actually looks good... that's assuming you like Call of Duty.

Gamechup managed to get some fresh Elgato footage of the Titanfall alpha that Respawn Entertainment and EA are holding prior to the game's upcoming March release. It's not really “alpha” looking as far as the footage is concerned. Anyone who drops in on the eight minute video would probably think it's final footage from a finished game. Then again, a lot of us all thought the same thing about Battlefield 4 following the E3 presentation and we all know how that turned out.

Nevertheless, you have to give props to Mr. Fx2012 as he was laying waste to opponents like a pro. The utilization of the titans seems pretty seamless and the bounce back between ground combat and the titans is pretty well balanced.

However, it's blatantly clear that the limitation of 6-vs-6 does seem to slow the action down by the time Mr. Fx grabs a titan. He spends a moderate amount of time looking for opponents after contending with another titan in a somewhat lengthy one-on-one fight, which looked surprisingly technical to be as fast-paced and Call of Duty'ish as the game is. For those worried about 6-vs-6 being a major drawback to the game, your fears might be justified.

As a counterpoint, I do have to admit that there is a sense of cinematic scale to some of the fights that I did enjoy. The player running through a war-ravaged loft with a missing wall and seeing a battle dance take place between two other players in opposing titans just outside is a real sight to behold. It looked like organic chaos and I found that to be very engrossing.

The problem still comes back to the game's seemingly small scale skirmishes, though. I think it's hard for me to really see the game's potential beyond what was showcased in the video – small, isolated bouts taking place in small arenas – because the scope seems so... small.

Seeing this kind of game with a map that could support up to 64 players would be a real treat; and it would not only battle Call of Duty in the small competitive space, but it could also take on Battlefield in the large-scale arena as well.

So far, I have no qualms with the gameplay – if you're completely okay with the fast-paced, future-tech, titan-fueled replacement for the traditional Call of Duty FPS model – and I like the presentation of the battle-torn atmosphere, but it may need a bit more gameplay girth than what was showcased in the video if it hopes to be more than a double-quarter fiscal novelty for those hungry for something new on the Xbox One. In other words: Titanfall may not have a lot of longevity to its gameplay if it doesn't have more gameplay diversity and depth.

Titanfall is set to fall on March 11th for Xbox home consoles and PC.

titanfall closed alpha offscreen by FFXthebest

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.