Today Square Enix confirmed that they'll be selling a Collector's Edition of Tomb Raider in North America. The bundle, previously announced for Europe, includes an assortment of physical and digital extras.

The centerpiece of the Collector's Edition - other than, you know, the game - is a Lara Croft figure. The figure, part of Square Enix's Play Arts Kai, stands eight inches tall. It comes with a variety of weapons to swap in, including a bow and arrow and shotgun.

Accompanying the figure is a 15"x19" map of Yamatai, the island at the center of the game. A 5" x 7" lithograph of Lara by Crystal Dynamics artists Brian Horton and Brenoch Adams will help you practice French-kissing. Also included in the bundle are three iron-on patches, and a soundtrack CD. If you prefer extras that actually affect gameplay, you'll be pleased to find a voucher for a DLC Weapons Pack as well. The whole package comes in a tin survival kit.

Overall, the North American Collector's Edition is very similar to its European counterpart. The sole difference is that the Euro version has an artbook instead of a lithograph, and a 4"x6" survival pouch instead of the patches. European gamers will also have the option of buying a "Survival Edition" that has everything except the Lara figure and tin case.

The Collector's Edition is priced at $99.99. Like any CE, it's available in limited quantities so place your order early if you're interested.

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