The newest Tomb Raider from Crystal Dynamics, Eidos and Square Enix is a collage of gigantic blockbuster tropes jammed into one pseudo-survival experience. The quasi-moments of desperation and all too familiar movie-style close-calls will easily appeal to many casual gamers. But, one thing I found interesting about the latest promo video for Tomb Raider is the gunplay, more specifically, throughout all the QTE-esque thrills and faceless-enemy frills, the one thing that stood out the most was the shotgun...yes, the shotgun. The trailer was all about the shotty.

With a sawed-off, red wood handle and sleek silver barrel and a less-than spit-shined polish illuminating its luster, the mechanics of the weapon, the sound, and most importantly the kickback after Lara shoots it, is just drop-dead freaking sexy. Check it out in the video below.

I wish Max Payne 3 had a shotgun like that...and that piss-poor sawed off double-barrel surely doesn't count.

Still, the weapon play is overall decent looking in Tomb Raider, which is definitely a compliment for a series that's been known for having less-than-polished gun fights, or rather, less-than-polished combat mechanics all the way around. But that shotty in the video above was looking oh-so-sweet, and it seemed to be useful for a few of those fake-desperation scenarios as well.

The game is set for release in early March, next month, for home consoles and PC. Need more info? Feel free to visit the Official Website.

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