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Today reviews from the Tomb Raider reboot began hitting the web. To celebrate the lifting of the embargo, Square Enix has released a flood of new screenshots from the action-adventure game.

It seems like every early screenshot of the game depicted Lara rolling around in filth in a dark cave. However, now that the game's a week from release, SE's not afraid to show off more of the game. The new screenshots from today show her traversing forgotten temples and infiltrating a salvager base.

In a few of the screens, she appears to be fighting samurai. I'm not sure whether these are zombie samurai or just cosplayers. I guess this game will continue the trend of Tomb Raider games going full-on weird in the last act.

If you haven't seen any Tomb Raider reviews yet, check out our round-up. If you love Uncharted comparisons, it'll taste like sweet, sweet candy.

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