The Sony PlayStation was home to many memorable platformers, one of the best of which was the original Tomba. Starring a pink-haired jungle boy on a quest to retrieve his lucky bracelet from a band of demon pigs, Tomba will finally be making the leap to the digital age, being made available later today as a PSone Classic on the PlayStation Network.

MonkeyPaw Games is perhaps best known for their work in bringing easy-to-figure-out Japanese imports over to English-speaking consoles via PSN. They took a break from the usual schtick with Tomba, instead focusing on a much-beloved, yet extremely hard to find game. If you want a physical copy of Tomba to add to your collection, you can expect to pay upwards of $300. With the going rate of PSone Classics ranging between $5.99 and $9.99, today’s digital release will likely be a wiser way to enjoy all of that insane running, jumping and clobbering.

From the creator of Ghosts and Goblins and Mega Man, Tokuro Fujiwara, Tomba features a long campaign with hundreds of hidden sub-quests to dive into. It’s a meaty game, and one that stands the test of time quite nicely.

The summer is often a dry period for new game releases and, this year, that trend doesn’t look to be changing. With classics like Tomba being released, though, players can at least get in some classic platforming goodness while waiting for more modern offerings to pick up the slack in the fall.

For additional info on Tomba, check out MonkeyPaw’s PlayStation Blog post.

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