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Gaming accessories come in all shapes, sizes and feature various effects. Some of the more mainstream accessories include things like the Guitar Hero's Stratocaster for the Xbox 360 or the Mad Catz fight sticks for games like Street Fighter IV. But then there are other gaming accessories that have their uses but are off the beaten path, either having odd designs or strange but effective functionality. So here’s a list of the top 5 off-beat gaming accessories.

4-in-1 Control Brothers
Don’t you hate when you go over a friend’s house where they can’t seem to lay off the KFC and McDonalds while playing games, making the controllers all slippery and greasy? Yeah, it’s a pain. Of course, this is where Penguin United’s 4-in-1 Control Brothers comes into play, featuring removable control covers for up to four players. If your friend likes greasing up controllers then you can pop on a Control Brothers cover and keep on gaming without any problems. Each pack contains four covers, so even if one cover is oily, dirty, or greasy, you can slip on another Control Brother so you don’t have to worry about losing your grip. Added to this, you can easily slip it right off once you’re done. Off-beat? Indeed. But it’s convenient nonetheless.

KontrolFreek’s FPS Freek/Speed Freek
KontrolFreek has weird yet useful accessories that allow gamers to improve analog sensitivity as well as control precision with their FPS and Speed Freek accessories. The budget-priced devices allow gamers to get dead-eye aim for sniping using the extended analog stick that helps improve the linear distance of the analog by 40%. In plain terms, you get more control with less movement. The Speed Freek isn’t quite as dynamic as the FPS Freek, but it “compliments” the natural geometry of racing games like Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsport.

Pinball Wizard Adapter
Easily, this one of the oddest gaming accessories I’ve ever come across. That doesn’t mean it can’t be effective, though. The NanoTech Pinball Wizard Controller Adapter lets pinball fanatics bring home the arcade feel without an expensive arcade machine. The Wizard lets gamers use authentic pinball controls, including left and right flippers, an arcade cabinet design and buttons that can be mapped for specific uses. It’s a real oddity in the world of gaming accessories but a heck of a lot cheaper than buying a big ‘ole arcade cabinet for the den.

NubyTech Chainsaw Controller
One of the coolest off-beat gaming accessories on the list…the NubyTech Chainsaw Controller comes courtesy of a promotional accessory for Capcom’s Resident Evil 4. It has all the buttons and necessities for playing your favorite games, but don’t be surprised if you find it difficult to get your hands in the right place. This will probably go down in history as one of the most unconventional and awesome controllers ever designed. It features a bloody chainsaw cutting through a framed photograph of RE4’s lead protagonist, Leon Kennedy. I’m sure disgruntled ex-employees who have been laid off or fired during the economic downturn would probably find it more suiting to replace Leon’s picture with a photo of their former boss.

This tops the list simply because the purpose of its functionality is still something that puzzles me: you get a rush of wind, the lights sparkle and your body rumbles? Well, if you want the full-on interactive experience to affect you physically, amBX is the way to go. Quite a few games even make full use of the amBX tech, including Tom Clancy’s Endwar and Velvet Assassin, to name a few. The tech puts gamers in an atmospheric setting that reflects the lighting, sights and sounds of what’s happening in the game. Your living room, den or bedroom can easily become a battlefield scenario or a colorful futuristic city thanks to the full ambient effects of amBX. It’s definitely not your daddy’s rumble controller.

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