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Torchlight 2 Is Four Times Larger Than Torchlight

Runic Games wants to let players know that Torchlight 2 will be worth the wait. They've sent out an infographic that details how much bigger it is than the first game.

Compared to TL1, TL2 has twice as many player skills, three times as many boss battles, four times as many music tracks and six times as many unique areas. The real kicker, though? TL2 has the same $20 price tag as its predecessor.

"In terms of scale, Torchlight II is close to 4x the scale of Torchlight 1 as far as assets go, and probably close to that as far as playtime," said designer Travis Baldree. "Ideally, the multiplayer that everyone has asked for will further increase the longevity of the game (we certainly hope so!)."

Baldree added that all of the assets in the game are completely new. While there are some monsters and items returning from the previous game, they've been recreated. The visuals of some of these returning items have been updated as well.

I think the thing that impresses me the most about the infographic is the lack of Diablo 3 insults. It would be very easy for Runic to play the scrappy underdog role and take potshots at D3. They'd get a lot of attention for the game from it. However, the company has decided to take a more earnest approach toward promoting their game. The lack of trash-talk warms my icy heart.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.