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I usually say “Poor, poor Windows 8, nobody loves you” but in this case I think the Xbox One is hated even more than Windows 8. Toys 'R' Us let loose their annual “Fabulous 15” promotional video for great gifts parents should get their kids for the holiday season and one of those items happened to be the Xbox One... well, Toys 'R' Us is probably regretting that decision.

Pixelenemy and XPGamesaves managed to get their hands on an article before it was removed from Video Game Scene, which outlined the events that led to Toys 'R' Us pulling their “Fabulous 15” video after some controversy erupted over the Xbox One being included in the list.

For those who don't know, the Xbox One has been on the receiving end of a lot of ridicule due to its previous policies and its attempt to "Bone" its loyal fans.

There hasn't been a mention as to why Video Game Scene removed the original article but they could have been peppered by the same kind of vitriol that caused Toys 'R' Us to strongly react to what happened to their video.

So what kind of controversy are we talking about? Well, a lot of people brought their NSA Spybox comments to the table along with a lot of negativity surrounding former policies and pricing of Microsoft's console as well.

The video quickly found itself being down-voted into oblivion and then Xbox Live came into the discussion, which is where everything fell to pieces. How did Xbox Live draw the final nail into the coffin? Well, check out a brief screen-cap of the image below.

Oh boy... I feel sorry for whoever was in charge of putting together that “Fabulous 15” video. I'm sure they got a good tongue lashing from whoever was over Toys 'R' Us' marketing director.

Shortly after comments like the one in the above image became the norm, Toys 'R' Us promptly had the comments disabled, but many people retaliated by down-voting the video into oblivion, in which case Toys 'R' Us responded by setting the video to private, which is just a step beyond what Microsoft did to quell dissent against the Xbox One.

The remnants of the video can be viewed here at the following link. I'm not sure if Toys 'R' Us plans on keeping the video private or if they plan to re-upload the video and try again, maybe even replacing the Xbox One with something that garners a little less vitriol from the gaming community, such as the Wii U, PS4 or heck, maybe even the Steam Machine?

Regardless, things really did sort of backfire on Toys 'R' Us and their attempt to get consumers excited about the 15 hottest items of the holiday season. It also looks like Toys 'R' Us learned the hard way about this upcoming generation's showdown: All is fair with brand love and console wars.

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