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For those thrill seekers in the audience who like flying through the air clinging to a motorized bucket of metal, flipping about in the hopes that you manage to stick the landing rather than faceplant like a chump, then Trials Fusion is here to make your day. Xbox 360, Xbox One and PS4 owners the world over can try their luck in single-player mayhem on a quest to grab a leaderboard top spot.

Never owning an Xbox 360, I’ll gladly admit that the Trials series of stunt racing games were one of the reasons I found myself frequently eyeing Microsoft’s last-gen machine at the local store, never quite convincing myself to part with more money to have yet another gaming machine hooked up to my TV. With Trials Fusion, the series finally arrives on a PlayStation platform because RedLynx realized Xbox fans aren't the only ones who enjoy stunt biking.

And that’s exactly what Fusion offers, as I experienced in my first hour with the game last night. The flipping feels a bit lose for my liking, but I’m sure it’s something I’ll get the feel for over time. Everything else about the game, though, was stellar. Leaning to land jumps felt solid and gratifying, the worlds are gorgeously detailed and the ragdoll crash animations are almost as entertaining as actually landing a tricky jump.

RedLynx Content Manager Ed Casey recently spared a few words about the game in a recent PS Blog post, saying that fans familiar with the series will find all of the death-defying trademarks they’ve come to know and love, as well as some new tricks and twists to enjoy.

“Get ready to push yourself, your skill and your patience to the limit on grueling platform racing courses designed to drive you mad,” he said. “But it’s not just a race. Flash some style with the all-new FMX Trick system and rack up high scores on special FMX trick tracks full of big air and bigger crashes.”

Along with dirt bikes, players will also be able to hit the course on BMX bikes and even a hefty four-wheeler this time around, offering a bit more control but a tougher recovery from jumps that don’t line up quite right.

Local multiplayer is available for racers with a few friends handy and online leaderboards mean you can test your skills against the best riders in the world. You can also build your own courses in the track editor, or take on the creations of others.

Need more details? Visit the Trials Facebook page and get to boning up. Otherwise, the game proper is available for 20 bucks in digital format. Another $20 will net you the season pass, which comes with six expansion packs over the course of the next year. The retail version of the game will set you back $40, but it comes with the season pass content, too.
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