If you thought resolutiongate was over with, think again. We'll probably be dealing with scenarios like this all generation long. However, I don't know if this is good news or bad news because in one case Ubisoft has confirmed that an upgrade will be available for the Xbox One day and date of the release of Trials Fusion, but on the flip-side the company has confirmed that the day-one patch is to bring up the game's resolution to 900p.

Here let me take the crankshaft and twirl it counterclockwise a few times so we're all on the same page. Ubisoft recently confirmed to GamesBeat that Trials Fusion, the side-scrolling 3D stunt game, would be relegated to 900p on the Xbox One while it would be 1080p on the PS4 and PC.

Even though there has been a big enough ruckus over the fact that Trials Fusion is already lower in resolution grade on the Xbox One compared to its other eighth-gen rival, what's worse is that the game won't be launching at 900p at all.

B-Ten received an e-mail from Ubisoft about the game's day-one patch that will fix a number of issues for the game across all platforms, writing...
“...the game’s day one patch has been detailed, which will increase the resolution of the Xbox One version from 800p to 900p, and will improve the frame-rate of the PS4 version. Other fixes will deal with track central issues, leaderboard issues, and replays not being in sync. ”

That's just... that's just sad. If my heart wasn't tainted with the hardened tears of defeated fanboys, I might actually feel bad for anyone buying the game on the Xbox One. Instead, all I can do is laugh, on the inside, knowing that this news will bring forth a torrent of salt the likes of which only a cavalcade of fanboys could produce, by crying in unison.

The tears... they will be delicious.

While it was previously touted by some members of the gaming community that developers are “being lazy” when it comes to porting games to the Xbox One, this particular scenario shows just the opposite. Developers are actually furiously trying to raise the Xbox One out of 792p territory; territory for which RedLynx feels is beneath their design capabilities.

So for all those on the Microsoft Defense Force, take note that 900p isn't the downgrade... it's the upgrade!

This certainly doesn't bode well for the future of the Xbox One, as games like Trials Fusion – heavy on the background physics as they may be – are still early generation titles. We've yet to move into the second phase of game releases and yet we're already seeing caps on the Xbox One's capabilities.

Truly, Microsoft will need to invest heavily in selling the console on its ability to play unique and fun games, because it's losing the power battle in such a bad way that soon we'll be doing benchmark comparisons between the Wii U and Xbox One and not the Xbox One and PS4.

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