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Due out this spring exclusively for the PS3, the Tritton Switchblade headset brings all the audio action directly to the gamer with Bluetooth tech powering the headset, a flick-on flick-off mic and wireless functionality that is also compatible with mobile Bluetooth phones and devices.

Darren Richardson, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Mad Catz Interactive, shared a very brief comment in the press release, saying...
“The SwitchBlade headset represents the first in a series of PlayStation 3 headsets which we expect to ship throughout 2012.”

The Switchblade also sports a USB compatible adapter so you can easily and efficiently plug in the headset for PC convenience in addition to using it on mobile phones and the PS3. The Switchblade also comes with a recharging docking station so you can power-up while you're not gaming.

While MadCatz may not be a name that resonates with gamers as a manufacturer of quality, long-lasting hardware, their subsidiary Tritton is definitely known for their quality range of high-end gaming peripherals, headsets and headphones.

You can learn more about the new Switchblade for the PS3 over at the Official Tritton Website. The headset is expected to become available for purchase this spring.