Kalypso Media sent out word that Tropico 4's new "Quick Dry Cement" add-on is currently available for purchase either for the Xbox 360 or PC. The new add-on contains stuff like a new cement factory, character outfits and decorations.

The new Quick-Dry Cement add-on follows closely on the heels of the other add-on Kalypso released called Plantador. The new DLC isn't just all about cosmetics, though. There are additional features tossed into the cheap new content pack that includes a new campaign mission, as well as character outfits, vanity items, a new constructor character trait, and of course the cement factor building.

Tropico 4 is a comedic, diplomatic strategy game where players are in control of an entire island, advancing your military prestige, technology and agriculture. The other DLC update, Modern Times, isn't scheduled for release until March, so you can play with the cement factory until then.

Gamers who want to purchase the Quick-Dry Cement add-on can do so for only $4.99 or 400 MSP. For further information on Tropico 4 be sure to pay a visit to the game's Official Website.

The Quick-dry Cement add-on pack contains:
• Building: Cement Factory (accelerates all constructions on the island)
• Character Trait: Constructor (free cement factory, construction workers gain skill faster)
• Character Outfit / Vanity Item: Engineer helmet (for male and female avatars)
• Mission theme: The largest city in the Caribbean - build a huge city across the whole island while fighting all kinds of disasters
• Decorations: Tropican flagpole, Small park, Flower bed 2, Flowering tree 2, Constructor statue

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