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Iron Galaxy and Microsoft have been teasing new content and characters for the third season of Killer Instinct leading up to its March 29 release on Windows 10 and Xbox One. Well, two new characters have been leaked for Season 3 that gamers likely didn't expect to see... including the lead antagonist from the original Gears of War, General RAAM.

Shacknews did a brief write-up on the two characters, explaining how the first character is actually Maya's presumed-to-be-dead sister Mira. Apparently Mira sacrificed herself to save her sister Maya, but the circumstances surrounding that are a bit of a mystery.

According to screenshots on Neogaf, Mira appears to be dressed in some Gothic plate-armor with a protuberant shoulder-piece and a red cape. The model doesn't look entirely finished just yet but she appears to have a tattered open dress over leather pants and thigh-high boots. She has razor sharp armored claws on both hands along with plated gauntlets on her forearms. It's tough to tell but it looks like she might have red eyes... hinting that she may have some sort of supernatural element to her. Her getup and colors look reminiscent of a vampire.

Unfortunately we don't get any images of General RAAM in Killer Instinct. His name just shows a blank portrait for now, meaning that he's likely still early in development. It would make sense that a character from Gears of War would be included in Killer Instinct Season 3 because Microsoft will be gearing up to hype the release of Gears of War 4 later this year, and having some characters appear in things like Killer Instinct prior to release will help boost the appeal and recognition of the brand ahead of its release.

Unlike the Arbiter, though, I have no idea how they're going to incorporate RAAM into Killer Instinct as a viable fighter. He's huge and slow and hulking... the character also used a rather large blade in the first Gears of War, which he used to kill Lieutenant Minh Young Kim, the former leader of Delta Squad. I could definitely see RAAM utilizing his blade in combat to chain it into a few combo attacks.

Unfortunately we'll have to wait to see what RAAM looks like in Killer Instinct since his model wasn't leaked... yet.

There was more than just characters that managed to leak out for Season 3, though. According to Shoryuken a new mode is coming to the game as well called “Shadow Lords”. The new mode is being described as something akin to Mortal Kombat X's Faction Wars mode, where players from around the globe will battle it out in set teams in an attempt to prevent destruction of the planet. There aren't any real details available of the mode other than an options menu that shows players being able to head to the “Barracks” or check out the “Emporium” or head to the “War Room”. The menu options don't make a lot of sense right now but I'm sure we'll get a full explanation following the release of Season 3 at the end of the month.

Killer Instinct: Season 3 is due to drop on March 29th for the Xbox One and for Windows 10 PCs.

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