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One of the Xbox One features that unequivocally outmatches and out-values the PlayStation 4 on all fronts is the backwards compatibility mode. The feature has been praised up and down the isle by gamers across all platforms, and Microsoft has just added a couple of more games to the ever-growing list.

Gamespot is reporting that both Dark Souls and Tekken Tag Tournament 2 have just joined the Xbox One's now 140-game strong backwards compatibility list.

Bandai Namco offered these two titles up for Xbox One gamers both digitally and as a way to play them physically on Microsoft's system. The timing is rather apt given that Dark Souls III launches in Japan on March 24th and in the early first half of April in the West. This will give Xbox One owners who didn't play the first game some time to catch up and learn about the gameplay mechanics, the lore and the world that From Software crafted for the title so many years ago.

In fact, if you pre-order Dark Souls III for the Xbox One you will get a free copy of Dark Souls... the original one from the Xbox 360. This will allow you to get a two-for-one in the package when pre-ordering. It also helps newcomers to the franchise learn about what all the hype is about and experiencing the game for themselves firsthand.

If you still have your original Xbox 360 disc you can just plop it into your Xbox One and download a copy of the game to the Xbox One's hard drive.

As for Tekken Tag Tournament 2... I'm not entirely sure why this game was timed to release on the Xbox One at this point. It probably would have made more sense to make it available closer to the release of Tekken 7. Nevertheless, the more fun games added to the Xbox One's line-up, the better.

Both Dark Souls and Tekken Tag Tournament arrive shortly after the availability of Assassin's Creed, Grid 2 and Dark Void. These games were also added to the list to increase the library of the Xbox One's backwards compatibility. They may be oldies but some gamers might want to experience the original Assasin's Creed that Jade Raymond produced that ended up becoming a brand phenomenon for Ubisoft.

Microsoft recently changed their policy when they release new backwards compatible titles, making them appear when they're finished as opposed to releasing them on a monthly basis.

This latest batch of titles also arrive with a new update to the Xbox One's digital store, which now has a dedicated section for Xbox 360 games. It's a nice little way to streamline the consumer option for adding new games to their library without going through the hassle of trying to use the store's search function to find Xbox 360 games buried under a bunch of other apps and new releases.

Microsoft has to get permission from publishers to add the games to the Xbox One's backwards compatibility list, and we at least know that Rockstar has given the go-ahead for Red Dead Redemption. Right now they're still testing and fixing it up before releasing it, so that's going to be a pretty big one added to the Xbox One's list once it's made officially available.

The backwards compatible list has grown to more than 140 titles and counting. It's one of the few features for the Xbox One that Microsoft received almost universal praise over and that's because it's a slickly implemented feature that actually adds value to the console.

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