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Sony released a new 15-minute trailer (although, one might argue it's more like a commentary-free Let's Play) where we get to see some unedited gameplay footage of Uncharted 4 in action. It's an entire segment from the Madagascar level where Nate, Sam, and Sully venture through the safari on their way toward a volcano.

Shacknews picked up the trailer after it went live recently over on Sony's YouTube channel, where it quickly began to trend on social media. You can check out the trailer below.

The cinematic starts with the trio discussing where they should head first, and then it seamlessly transitions into a driving segment where Nate drives them through some rocky terrain to a small outpost that lies in ruin. There's a relic for Nate to grab before moving on.

It's cool because players can drive around and get out when they please, allowing for all sorts of exploration opportunities.

The trio eventually end up in a cave behind the waterfall where we get to see the grappling hook used for more than just swinging in Uncharted 4. You can use the grapple to also pull things down, which Nate does with a chest. He uses the chest to climb up to another area to check out some more relics.

After getting a few more items Nate returns to the jeep and goes on the kind of jeep exploration one might find in a Test Drive 4x4 game. There's some extreme hill climbing that takes place over the next couple of minutes where timing, balance and a lot of traction is required to get through some of the more difficult areas. It's really awesome how Naughty Dog kept their word with adding a lot of versatility and optional pathways to the game. You get to see a few of those optional pathways in play in the video above.

Another new feature added to Uncharted 4, in addition to vehicles, is the ability to use vehicle accessories. In one segment we see Nate grab the winch off the jeep and use it as leverage to scale up a steep hill. It appears as if players might have to use that feature a couple of times throughout the game.

After a little more driving, the trio end up seeing some mercenaries blocking their path. Naughty Dog's multiple pathways come into play once again, giving players the option to either blast through the mercenaries and drive past them fast and furiously, or players can take a stealth approach and sneak around the mercenaries. Splinter Cell fans will absolutely love the stealth options present in the game. It's very intuitive and extremely fluid. There's also the ability to tag-team with the AI teammates to do tandem stealth takedowns, not unlike what Venom Snake could do with Quiet in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

After a few more stealth takedowns, we get the typical Uncharted action scenes featuring some Indiana Jones-style shooting and fighting, along with the trio attempting to make a getaway across a rickety bridge in the jeep. In the video it doesn't end well for the trio, but we can't know for sure what happens until the game is released.

PS4 owners can look to get their hands on Uncharted 4 starting May 10th.