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Oftentimes we're treated to really cool looking CGI movies in big-budget, AAA games like Diablo III, Dishonored, Assassin's Creed III and World of Warcraft. Usually, as gamers, we're told at the bottom of the promo trailers that the video isn't representative of the actual game. Well, with Unity 4 it's possible to make your game look like CGI and run in real-time for today's hardware technology.

Unity Technology released a new walkthrough video showcasing some behind-the-scenes footage of how the team and Passion Pictures put together one of the coolest game trailers of 2012 called “The Butterfly Effect”. You can check out the technical walkthrough below, but be warned it gets knee-deep into nerdology.

One of the things I thought was really cool was the use of shaders. This isn't something just any engine can pull off and it's not something that can be manipulated in just any design environment. The cool part about Unity is that it enables designers to do some really cool stuff with the shaders, similar to what Hayssam Keilany and Boris Vorontsov achieved with Grand Theft Auto IV.

I'd love to see more games make use of this kind of light, shadow, refraction and reflection techniques, it's amazing what you can achieve just by messing around with those four attributes in a number of different ways. Thanks to Unity 4, this is a possibility for both indie and AAA developers.

If you like what you saw in the video above for Unity 4, feel free to try your hand at it with the free public beta, which is available right now from the official Unity website.