It was no surprise to see Last of Us, a PS3 exclusive, announced at the Spike Video Game Awards. After all, the game's official website went live a week ago. What was surprising, though, was who announced the game: Naughty Dog, creators of the Uncharted series.

In the trailer, a young girl and her father are searching through a ruined apartment building for supplies. Her father beats a man to death with a wooden board and they loot his corpse. Before they can leave, they're attacked by rabid, infected people. The father and daughter flee the building and we're given a glimpse of a desolate city blanketed in vegetation.

The previous teaser trailers for the game suggested that mankind fell victim to some kind of fungal infection. Like all good video game infections, it seems to turn people into mindless beasts. Zombies are kind of overplayed in video games, films, and television these days but it looks like Naughty Dog might be able to find some unexplored ground here.

Last of Us will be released exclusively for the PS3.

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