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After playing through Life Is Strange, having a good cry and braving another playthrough, I’ve become pretty attached to the developer, Dontnod Entertainment. And I’ve had my eye on them for awhile. And recently, we got some pretty exciting details on their next upcoming game, Vampyr.

Vampyr is an action-packed gothic RPG set in 1918 London during the Spanish Flu epidemic. The game follows protagonist Jonathan Reid, who was a doctor during the war, and, unsurprisingly, he’s a scientist that specializes in blood. And as a strong skeptic in the paranormal, you can imagine he had a pretty difficult time understanding his new condition. You can check out the short concept teaser below.

And just as decision-making was a huge part of Life Is Strange, Vampyr won’t be without its player choices either. A post on the PlayStation blog stated,
You’ll have to kill people, that’s for sure… but how do you decide who? The information you gather, the things that you see, and the relationships you nurture will all define your decisions. But you will have to feed. You cannot escape that you are a vampire.

There isn’t a ton of information on the game yet, just a concept trailer and a few images of the dark and looming London setting, but as you can probably guess, I have pretty high hopes. I haven’t seen a vampire video game done right in a long time. Soul Reaver, an early title on PlayStation, may have come close to breathing life into creatures of the night, and was probably the last epic vampire game done well—if you’d even call him a vampire, though. Another game, Vampire: The Masquerade-Bloodlines, had a concept that reminded me of Vampyr. It has a little bit of the same idea with the player being a vampire who has to survive in a society of both predator and prey. Only, it was set in modern day while Vampyr will be exploring the time period right after World War I. A dark, historical setting only makes sense for the most epic vampire game, right?

Needless to say, we’ll definitely be keeping an eye out on this title. The full website isn’t up yet, but you can check out a few beautiful concept images.