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If you're making a game for today's generation of consoles, you really have to justify the price tag. Middleware prices have dropped drastically and hardware is more capable than ever so anyone on a bologna and cheese sandwich budget can make a beautiful game (i.e., See No Man's Sky for example).

FuturLab's upcoming Velocity 2X, the sequel to Velocity Ultra, has been confirmed for the PS4 to run at 60 frames per second at a resolution of native 1900 x 1080 progressive scan.

The new comes courtesy of DualShockers who spotted the comments from FuturLab's managing director, James Marsden, who answered user questions on the official PlayStation blog, where he responded to a question from a user about the frame rate and resolution for Velocity 2X, saying...
“It would be suicide to release this game at anything less than 60fps natively on PS Vita and 60fps 1080p on PS4.”

“Velocity 2X doesn’t just retain the buttery smoothness, it’s significantly smoother. We’re using a totally new physics system so there’s no snagging on the terrain, the camera is smooth (jerky in VU), and we’ve improved the teleport cursor movement.”

This is pretty great news for future owners of this digital title. The game is part of the top 10 exclusives set for release in 2014 for the PS4.

It's a side-scrolling title, so making use of 1080p resolutions shouldn't be too difficult, but it's a nice touch that they're ensuring they hit 60 frames per second. So many games in the last generation were usually sub-720p upscaled or sub-30fps barely keeping above 25fps, such as GTA V or Sleeping Dogs, both of which suffered quite a few frame drops throughout intense moments of the game.

So far a lot of the developers are aiming to keep a certain measure of parity when it comes to the Holy Grail of eighth gen gaming. The battle has mostly consisted of the PS4 running rings around the Xbox One and Wii U at the moment.

According to Rebellion Games, Microsoft is opening up the power of the Xbox One a bit more with a new roll-out of updates for the Xbox One's SDK, meaning that developers will have more access to more hardware optimization.

In addition to this, a new update is also inbound for end-users so the Xbox One will perform slightly faster and more responsive than before.

It's a long road for Microsoft to catch-up, though. Sony has come out of the gate firing and big, medium and small studios alike are making use of the PS4 to hit the benchmarks as often as possible, with Velocity 2X being one of them. The game is scheduled to arrive for the PS Vita and PS4 at an undisclosed time this year.
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