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It happens... sometimes you go in and you're ready and you just can't get it up. Everyone understands. You prep and you put aside all the important things of the evening to just get some time with you and your dear loved one, and nothing happens. It's okay, sometimes you just have to do something else for the evening... like spend time with your significant other.

The above description wholly describes a recent scenario at a public test booth where the Xbox One was trying to boot up and it just couldn't get up. It was like a middle-aged dude trying to get it on with someone he's not all that fascinated with but he tries it anyway.

The video languishes on in OS purgatory, stuck at a loading screen for nearly 10 minutes while a poor technician risks life and limb to try to resuscitate the Xbox One's software back to life. It was like watching Christian Slater desperately trying to attach himself to a halfway worth-while project to spring his dead and rotting career back to life. The only difference is that Christian Slater has a better chance of getting back into mainstream Hollywood than that poor technician had of getting the Xbox One to work, and we all know the former is impossible.

The video was spotted by DualShockers but comes courtesy of YouTube user Sam Clark from a recent media event, where he filmed the emergency procedure taking place of the Xbox One barely getting through the boot up and into the actual game. The footage also shows the technician and his attempts to trek past the login screen but things just slow to a crawl. Not only does the screen slow to a crawl but the login just hangs... and hangs... and hangs.

A lot of commenters dropped in to offer support to the Xbox One; words of encouragement poured in as gamers hoped desperately that perhaps these demo units are the only ones having these issues.

It is possible that due to the demo units not being finalized they are running into some issues and Microsoft will have to iron them out at release.

The only scary thing about this, however, is that there didn't appear to be any kind bypass to the situation, meaning that if it can't login or find a cable connection, you could potentially end up getting screwed.

This scenario raises some interesting questions about the Xbox One retail units: what happens to users who pick their unit up day one and they don't have a cable connection? What then?

Hopefully Microsoft has a fix because the last thing anyone needs is for day-one to get here and a bunch of eager Xbox fanboys open up the box, hook up their Xbox One to their 720p compatible TV and then go to turn on the unit, only to get stuck looking at the system desperately trying to login like an America Online account from 1995.

I guess that's what Microsoft gets for switching from reliable Windows 7 PCs running Nvidia GTX cards to an actual Xbox One.

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