XDev’s odd, Lemmings-esque party brawler, When Vikings Attack! is headed to the PlayStation Network next Tuesday, Nov. 6. To prepare, the developers over at Clever Bean have put together “10 Mostly True Facts You Didn’t Know About When Vikings Attack.”

The full list and supporting info can be found on the PlayStation Blog, but we’ve cherry picked some interesting details to share with our readers here.

For starters, and not a part of the actual list, When Vikings Attack! will be a cross-buy title for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita, meaning that buying it on one console will unlock it at no additional charge on the other. That’s twice the Vikings for half the price. Or something like that. I’m terrible at math.

Here’s a fun fact from Clever Beans: Vikings didn’t wear horns on their helmets. Go figure! But given the popular misconception, the developers decided to keep the horned helmets in their game. “The game is deliberately based only on vague, half-remembered half-truths from high school,” according to the blog post.

Another interesting fact is that the game started out as a massive beat-em-up wherein the player could punch, kick, jump and also throw other characters around the stage. With so many Vikings running around, however, this didn’t make for much of a game, and so the player’s extra followers became their “lives,” with a new Viking ready to step in whenever the leader falls in battle.

Finally, according to the last item on the list, When Vikings Attack! features “enhanced” credits following the regular roll call, something the player will apparently want to stick around for.

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