If you’re looking for some retro goodness, complete with tricky platforming, maniacal bosses, 8-bit graphics and a soundtrack overflowing with beeps and boops, then you might want to check out Vintage Hero. It launches next Wednesday on Xbox Live Indie Games, packing in a whole lot of nostalgic action for 80 MSP.

The tagline for Vintage Hero is simple, yet appropriate: It’s the year 198X. You know what to do. For anyone who cut their teeth on classic platformers like Mega Man and Bionic Commando, the answer is “Yes. Yes, we know exactly what to do.” In short, it’s time to lock, load, and take out a bunch of baddies.

Vintage Hero is an action platformer developed by indie studio Frog the Doors Games. Available today on the Xbox 360 for like a buck, it offers a healthy dose of old school fun rolled into a brand new IP.

Here’s a little snippet taken directly from the game’s description: When Earth comes under attack by alien invaders, the peaceful denizens expect their old hero, Giga Man, to once again save them. When it’s clear he’s too wrapped up in the tempting night life of the robot glitterati, it’s time for a new hero to arrive. Help Floyd, an unassuming custodian at the county jail, his mentor Mac and his lifelong friend, Kricket, defeat the evil General and his invading alien army.

Described as a “love letter adventure, platforming and all things revered about classic 2-D gaming, Vintage Hero offers 25 unique enemies, seven bosses, six stages with three difficulty levels, special weapons and items and experience points to help make Floyd more powerful than ever.

“I’m a bit shocked and even a little nostalgic to realize I had created the project on the XNA creator’s website back in March of 2011,” said creator Matthew Biglan. “Working odd hours here and there, eventually I finished, and hopefully made something fun and exciting that followers of Mega Man cn be satisfied with, fans of RPGs can appreciate, and lovers of classic platforming will find challenging.”

Additional details can be found at the official Frog the Doors website. That’s also where a free copy of the game’s soundtrack will eventually be made available. Otherwise, you can fire up your 360, fork over a dollar and get to playing the game starting next Wednesday, July 24, from Xbox Live Indie Games.

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