If you’re looking to beef up your PlayStation Vita library, then the upcoming two-week “Japanese Games Sale” should have you covered as nearly 20 portable games are being discounted on the PlayStation Network with PlayStation Plus subscribers receiving additional discounts.

Announced this morning via the PlayStation Blog, the Japanese Games Sale is all about celebrating Japanese-developed games for Sony’s portable console.

The discounts will begin tomorrow with the first batch of games being discounted through Aug. 19. Then, from Aug. 20-26, a second crop of games will receive deep discounts. That’ll allow you to spread out the damage to your wallet across half of a month and, judging by these games and prices, which should provide at least a little relief for the ole bank account. We’re looking at prices of up to half off for everyone on PSN and up to 75 percent off for Plus subscribers.

Standouts from week one include the monster slaying madness of Soul Sacrifice, the dungeon crawling goodness of Silent Hill: Book of Memories and the rolltastic antics of Touch My Katamari. Here’s a look at the full list for the coming week. Remember that these prices will go live with the regular weekly PSN update starting tomorrow afternoon and will only be valid for the next seven days. The sale price will be listed after each game title, followed by the Plus price in parenthesis.

-Soul Sacrifice $24.99 ($17.49)
-Gravity Rush $24.99 (Free)
-Street Fighter X Tekken $27.99 ($19.59)
-Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus $27.99 ($19.59)
-Guilty Gear Accent XX Core + R $10.49 ($7.34)
-Atelier Totori Plus $27.99 ($19.59)
-Silent Hill: Book of Memories $14.99 ($7.50)
-Touch My Katamari $7.49 ($3.75)
-Ridge Racer $12.49 ($6.25)

Honestly, I’d be a lot more excited about all of these deals if I wasn’t such a digital hoarder. My 32 gig memory card is full and I’ve already transferred a lot of games to my PC just to make room for newer releases I grabbed on the cheap. In short, I feel like I’ve run out of virtual shelf space to keep all of these shiny new trinkets bought at a steal. Nerd world problems, right?

And remember, that was only week one of the promotion. Next week, games like the recently released action adventure, Muramasa Rebirth, and the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection will receive similar discounts, creating all new reasons to pine for a bigger Vita memory card.

Here’s a look at the deals that will be available from Aug. 20-26.

-Muramasa Rebirth $27.99 ($20.99)
-Metal Gear Solid HD Collection $20.99 ($14.69)
-New Little Kings Story $13.99 ($9.79)
-Dead or Alive 5 Plus $19.99 ($10.00)
-Ragnarok Odyssey $20.99 ($14.69)
-Dynasty Warriors Next $17.49 ($8.75)
-Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 $19.99 ($10.00)
-Super Monkey Ball $20.99 ($14.69)

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