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Get ready to exercise your right to vote, PlayStation Plus members, because Sony wants the players to pick the next PS4 game to be added to the monthly Instant Game Collection, and the polls open this Thursday.

Announced late last month, Sony is trying out a new program in August to help select one of September’s free PlayStation Plus games. They’ve announced that this type of selection process won’t necessarily be a monthly event, but will instead pop up from time to time to help determine which games will be made available through the premium service.

Announced through the PlayStation Blog this afternoon, the first three selections Plus members can vote on include Armello, Grow Home and Zombie Vikings.

The voting process is pretty easy and seems to limit participation to folks who actually own a PlayStation 4. That’s probably a good idea, as those are the folks who will benefit from this first round of voting.

Starting this Thursday, Aug. 13, all you need to do to fill out a ballot is boot up your PlayStation 4 and head to the “What’s New” or “Notifications” sections. From there, you should see an option for “Vote to Play.” Otherwise, you can visit the PS Plus section in the PlayStation Store, log in and cast your vote. Obviously, you need to be a Plus subscriber to join in.

Polls open at 8:30 a.m. Pacific on Aug. 13 and close at the same time on Monday, Aug. 24. That gives you about a week to have your say on which game you’d like to see pop up in the Instant Game Collection in September. The winner will reportedly be announced shortly following the closing of the polls, and the two games that are not selected will still be offered at a special discount for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

As for the games you can vote for, here’s a quick rundown of your selections.

First up is Armello, which many have described as a board game that crosses Kung Fu Panda with Game of Thrones. Players will take turns moving units and spending resources in an epic struggle to take over the animal kingdom.

Next up is Grow Home, a platforming adventure game that takes place on an open planet built out of floating islands. You’re on a quest to find the mysterious Star Plant, which will save your home world. In order to get it, though, you’ll need to climb higher and higher without making a wrong move and falling back to the start.

Fainally, there’s Zombie Vikings. Created by the same team that brought us Stick it to the Man, this four-player cooperative action game will have you collecting loot and battling baddies in a world that boasts an extremely unique look.

So, tell us: Which game is getting your vote?

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