WWE 13's Attitude Era mode is designed for players who want to know why the wrestler dressed like an undertaker is beating up the guy in the red jumpsuit. This story-based mode takes players through one of WWE's most exciting time periods.

The Attitude Era ran from roughly 1997 to 2002. While competing for viewers with rival wrestling organization WCW, WWE (then WWF) began to target young adults with more violent, sexual content. The result was a boom in the WWE's popularity.

In Attitude Era mode, players will take part in key matches from this period. The mode is split into several chapters, with different characters playable in each. For example, one chapter details the rise of D-Generation X while another focuses on the on-again, off-again feud between Kane and the Undertaker. Cutscenes will bridge the gaps between matches and give players a sense of the wider storylines.

In order to truly recreate the Attitude Era, WWE 13 is bringing back dozens of wrestlers from those years. To find out if your favorite was included in the game, consult the roster released this weekend.

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