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It's Wrestlemania weekend and, if you have an Xbox 360, then you'll be happy to know that the gaming console's latest media app will allow you to purchase and enjoy the show with all of your friends. The WWE App is now available on the Xbox 360.

Wrestling sure hasn't changed much since I used to watch back in the 90's. I remember legends like The Rock and The Undertaker putting on epic performances while thousands of screaming fans cheered them on. I assume they've both got to be in their 50's at about this point, but it turns out that those two dudes are still duking it out in the ring to this day. Talk about job security.

But enough about that; you want to hear about this fancy new app you can download on your Xbox 360. Well, according to the Major Nelson blog, the WWE App is a pay-per-view portal that will let you purchase the latest special events and watch them live on your home console. With Wrestlemania XXIX going down this Sunday, April 7, that seems like some pretty snazzy timing to me.

Unfortunately, that's all the details I can dig up on the app. I assume, since it's on the 360, that it will allow you to chat, read trivia or take part in polls while watching, but that's only speculation at this point. Also, it sounds like the app is pay-per-view specific, so no word on whether you'll be able to use the app for weekly broadcast viewings or consuming extra content like interviews and behind-the-scenes clips when a big event like Wrestlemania isn't coming up.

The Xbox 360 sure has been adding a heck of a lot of apps as of late, making streaming video content one of the best reasons to own the system. If you'd like to use it to play games, however, consider this a friendly reminder that the latest WWE video game, WWE 14 is headed your way sometime this fall.