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Telltale Games has sent out a single screenshot from the second season of their Walking Dead game. The lone image tells us a few important things about the adventure game's story.

We already knew that Clementine would be in Season Two. Telltale previously confirmed that she's going to be the lead character. We didn't know from the first trailer and screenshots who would be joining her on her voyage, though.

Thanks to today's image, now we know that one of her companions in this season is Omid. Omid was introduced halfway through the first season and was one of the few survivors of the disastrous trip to Savannah, along with his girlfriend Christa. The two were presumably the figures Clementine saw in the distance at the end of the season.

Christa's not visible in this screenshot, though. It's possible that she's with Clem and Omid and is just hiding out of frame to fuck with our heads. Or maybe the walkers got her. If she's nowhere to be seen in this season, though, I imagine Omid will fill us in on her fate. If your girlfriend gets eaten by zombies, it deserves a line of dialogue or two.

The other interesting aspect of this screenshot is the location. Omid and Clementine are in the parking lot of Gil's Pitstop. This rest stop was the central location for 400 Days, a downloadable episode released this summer. 400 Days told the stories of several survivors living in and around Gil's Pitstop. Telltale previously said that player's choices would affect Season Two and it seems that we'll starting seeing these effects in the first episode.

Episode One of Season Two is called "All That Remains" according to Telltale's tweet. They plan to release it later in December. The studio said last month that the episode would debut on PC, Mac, consoles and iOS.

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