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Today Telltale Games officially announced Season Two of their adventure game The Walking Dead. The next season will put players in the shoes of Clementine, the young girl introduced in the first season.

Clementine was orphaned following the zombie outbreak. She was taken in by a group of survivors led by Lee Everett, the player character in the first season. However, this group eventually splintered by the end of the season. Season One closed with her heading off into the wilderness outside of Savannah, Georgia by herself.

"The terrifying nature of Robert Kirkman's world has allowed Telltale to push the boundaries of interactive drama in video games to a place that has had fans anxious to know what will happen next in this series," said Dan Connors, Co-Founder and CEO of Telltale Games. "Today we can finally lift the veil, albeit only a little, on how this story will continue, and we'll soon be putting players in the shoes of a lead role that will challenge their expectations of how to survive in a world where no one can be trusted."

It's not clear how the actual gameplay of Walking Dead will change with a new protagonist. I would imagine that Clementine won't be able to fight the walkers as easily as Lee did, though. She'll have to rely on wits more than blunt objects than her former mentor. Still, the emphasis on player choice won't change. Players' decisions from Season One and 400 Days will both affect the storyline.

Season Two will debut later in 2013 on PC, Mac, consoles and iOS. There will be five episodes, each costing $5 to download. PC/Mac owners will have to pay $25 to buy the full season at once, though they can knock 10% off by pre-ordering. If the first season was any indication, new episodes will be released at least month or two apart.

If you haven't played the first season yet, you can pick it up in one new package this November. The Game of the Year Edition will have the full season, the 400 Days DLC, the soundtrack, and the behind-the-scenes video. The $30 bundle will be available on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC in North America.

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