We now know that Telltale's The Walking Dead: Season Two is set to premiere next week on Xbox 360 and, according to a recent post on the PlayStation Blog, it'll be coming “soon” to the PlayStation 3. Also, new trailer!

Last week we posted a story stating that the latest adventures of Clementine the zombie slayer could be coming as early as Dec. 17, a rumor started because of a Steam listing. Then this week Telltale let the cat out of the bag that Season 2 of The Walking Dead would indeed be launching for the Xbox 360 in that timeframe, making the Steam listing all the more likely, too. But while the 360 launch next week is now official, no word yet on whether or not the Steam date will hold true. And now, thanks to a recent post on the PlayStation Blog, we can say with some confidence that the game will not be arriving on the same date as the Xbox 360 version, but that it will definitely be coming “soon.”

The PS3 announcement begins with a gentle reminder that Telltale's plate is more than a little full these days, what with The Wolf Among Us set to launch its second chapter early next year and the studio announcing two brand new game series; one set in the Borderlands universe and one being a multi-year, multi-game deal with Game of Thrones. For fans of Telltale's unique brand of storytelling (something they seem to have mastered over the past couple of years), that all comes as very, very good news.

“This month we're preparing for the premiere of The Walking Dead: Season Two,” said Telltale Community Lead Laura Perusco. “We're still waiting on some final confirmation from everyone involved, but as of this morning, we can only tell you that the premiere will be hitting North America very soon on PS3.”

Perusco put the accent on “very,” not me, which means it's entirely possible that, if things work out, it could actually be coming around Dec. 17 like with the 360 and (possibly) Steam. Nothing definite, but at least we know the game is just around the corner on all platforms instead of something annoying like “three months exclusive elsewhere!”

Along with this somewhat vague PS3 announcement comes a brand new trailer for the impending first episode of season two, All that Remains. It gives a couple of brief glimpses into the first season of the award-winning game, as well as a hint at what's to come once The Walking Dead: Season Two finally arrives.

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