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Tomorrow The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct will debut in North America. If you're planning to make a last-minute pre-order of the game, you probably shouldn't.

Survival Instinct's premise sounds interesting. Players take on the role of Daryl Dixon in the days following the zombie outbreak. Daryl and his brother Merle must make their way across the zombie-infested South, in hopes of reaching a possible safe zone in Atlanta.

The elements of player choice in the game are encouraging too. Players can opt to sneak past walkers or take them out. It's up to them how they treat fellow survivors, too. Will they take them on their journey or leave them behind? Additionally, they'll choose between different routes on their journey so they won't see all of the game's locations in one play-through.

Just based on that information, the game sounds like it could be decent. Still, the fact is, no reviews have been published yet. Assuming that some press outlets even received advance copies, the embargo on reviews probably won't be up until the game's in stores. That's not always a sign of a bad game - StarCraft 2 didn't have advance reviews and turned out to be just fine - but it's reason to be cautious.

Maybe this game will surprise everyone and turn out awesome. As a fan of both shooters and The Walking Dead, I hope this is the case. However, there's no reason for you to gamble your money on that. Wait for the reviews.