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Today a new indie studio arrived on the scene: Campo Santo. The four-man studio is composed of veterans of recent hits like The Walking Dead adventure game and stealthy side-scroller Mark of the Ninja.

Jake Rodkin and Sean Vanaman were designers and writers for The Walking Dead. During their tenure at Telltale Games, they contributed to a number of other titles as well ranging from Tales of Monkey Island to Wallace and Gromit's Grand Adventures. The two are also hosts of Idle Thumbs, a popular gaming podcast.

Joining them is Nels Anderson. Anderson most recently served as the lead designer on Mark of the Ninja. Before that, he worked for Hothead Games on their action RPG series DeathSpank.

The resident artist at Campo Santo is Olly Moss. He made a name for himself over the years by producing minimalist posters for both old and new movies. He was also responsible for the stylized box art of Resistance 3.

"So why are we doing this? To be honest, it’s because we think we’ve found the right group of people to make the first reason not just worth enduring but actually thrilling," Vanaman said on the company's new website. "As we talk to our friends and industry colleagues about 'doing something indie' with us, there’s a shared pragmatism informed by years in the industry that melds with the lingering youthful enthusiasm that got us into games to begin with. Some of us want to tell stories, some of us want to build systems, and some of us want to create beautiful looking worlds, but we all want to make something. The stultifying difficulty of making a good game is instantly tempered and then squashed."

Vanaman didn't provide any details on the company's first game. We can guess from the team's collective experience, though, that it features a lone ninja battling zombies and using their entrails to create minimalist movie posters. Or maybe not.

Campo Santo's debut game will be a collaboration with "the stupendous, stupidly-successful Mac utility software-cum-design studio slash app/t-shirt/engineering company Panic Inc." The Portland-based company will also be financially backing the game, which will presumably remove the need for a publisher or a Kickstarter campaign.

Added Vanaman: "It’s an unlikely partnership that means we get to conceive of, make, and distribute a video game the way we want to and the way we know how, with no per-prescribed set of rules or formula for how it’s done."

The studio is currently seeking a 3D environment artist, hopefully with Unity engine experience. If you think you fit the bill, you can find out more about the vacancy here.

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