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War Of The Worlds New Screenshots And Tripod Trailer Surfaces

Other Ocean and Paramount Interactive have sent out new screenshots and a brief introductory trailer for the tripod menace in the upcoming survival-platform game, War of the Worlds, and the cool part is that the tripods carry more atmospheric weight than they do visual presence. That last statement becomes quite clear once you see the trailer.

In the following trailer you’ll notice that you don’t even really get to see the tripods in their entirety. Instead, players get these gluttonous close-up shots of the pods wrecking havoc in the two-dimensional areas with their metallic tentacles snatching up victims and their space age weapons dousing buildings with enough laser fire to sink them into oblivion. This is all capped off with some chilling narration from Patrick Stewart. Check it out below.

The game probably won’t be the cup of tea for a majority of young gamers. You can’t run-and-gun your way through the levels – you don’t even get a gun. You don’t kill hundreds of faceless aliens but aliens will evaporate and abduct hundreds of humans throughout your journey. You won’t be engaging in quick-time event fisticuffs or setting off Michael Bay ‘Splosions™ to make some daring getaway or save the day. The game, instead, is entirely about surviving by platforming and dodging your way through the treacherous ruins of a war-torn London during a merciless invasion.

You can check out the new screenshots for War of the Worlds below or visit the Official Website to learn more. The game is set for release this fall for the Xbox 360’s Live Arcade and PlayStation Network.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.