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Oh holy snaps this launch trailer is freaking awesome. Digital Extremes really knows how to get the crowd amped up. The best part about it is that despite the trailer using cinematic camera angles, EVERYTHING you see in the trailer is basically a direct showcase of the actual gameplay.

Arcade Pixels tossed up the new trailer that features an evil auctioneer dismembering the alien race known as the Tenno. The Tenno can evolve into various forms of organic Warframes, the cool looking cybernetic space ninjas. The general gist of the story of the game is that players are on a quest to free other Tenno and cleanse the solar system of various conquerors all trying to get their hands on the Warframes; many are trying to do so in order to control the galaxy for themselves.

As showcased in the video, various Tenno showed up to put a whooping to the Corpus auctioneer (one of the few factions that players will face off against in the game), but the highlight is that everything... absolutely everything in the video that you see the Warframes performing come straight out of the game.

I've always admired Digital Extremes for keeping things grounded in the reality of the game, whenever they pump out a cinematic. All those beastly moves, combos and attacks you see the Tenno doing in the videos are things you can do in the game as well... although, I will admit it's not always easy. There's definitely a learning curve to Warframe, but anyone who has an inkling of finger-work acrobatics learned from titles such as Devil May Cry and Ninja Gaiden will easily find a home in Digital Extremes' Warframe.

Personally, I love the game, it's such a divergence from the typical third-person action title and isn't just a walk-in-the-park kind of title. I like the ability to carve out a play-style using the weapon and Warframe skill-cards, as well as honing in on using multiple or single affixes for certain items so you can create a sort of hybrid character with weapons and special abilities that suits your desired want from a cybernetic space ninja.

Warframe is entirely free-to-play on day one of the PlayStation 4's launch. The game also sports cross-platform compatibility with PC gamers, so you can play with or against your fellow PC counterparts and finally hammer out who truly is the king of gaming platforms.

Considering that PlayStation Plus isn't required to dabble in the space-ninja exploits of Warframe, there's absolutely nothing to lose trying the game out later this week when the PlayStation 4 officially launches. Well, unless of course, you count the loss of a couple of gigabytes as bandwidth currency you just can't afford to give up.

For those of you interested in exploring the rare career opportunity to become a galactic, cybernetic space-ninja, feel free to learn more by paying a kind visit to the official Warframe website.