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Two of gaming's biggest forces join together: The Clueless Gamer and PewDiePie. One would think that having them together would make it one of the funniest segments on Clueless Gamer but things don't quite turn out the way you might have expected. The near six minute segment is a lot more tame than the usual fanfare from both entertainers.

Shacknews posted up the video after it went live over on the Team CoCo page, and the segment gives gamers an early look at Ubisoft's newest Far Cry game.

Conan basically spends most of the time in the driver seat of the entertainment car. He quips and jokes throughout the segment and brings up most of the memorable one-liners that bring out the laughs. In fact, PewDiePie, real name Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, mostly just coasts through the segment, poking the Wooly Mammoth's in the butthole with a spear and making mundane observations about the gameplay.

I'm not sure if PewDiePie was just out of his element that night or he wasn't comfortable being his usual over-the-top self in front of Conan's cameras, but the whole atmosphere was nothing like his typical Let's Play videos.

The only really funny thing that happened was a rather awkward handshake-high-five hybrid that occurred between Aaron, PewDiePie and Conan, resulting in Conan saying they were never doing that again.

Beyond that Conan mostly just made some jokes about a rather frisky badger in Far Cry Primal, as well as some Uber jokes when the player-character managed to ride on one of the animals. The segment was exceptionally tame and no where near as entertaining as some of the previous Clueless Gamer segments.

There was no nonsensical rating system that Conan used to use to rate games, and hardly any chemistry between PewDiePie and Conan. Part of the problem is that PewDiePie just looked uncomfortable being there. He seemed abnormally quiet and seemed reluctant to engage. This made the segment come across as a lot more subdued and restrained than what many fans may have been hoping for.

In fact, the comment section on the video is rife with the same observations about PewDiePie mostly taking a backseat in the segment. The real “star” of the Clueless Gamer episode was Far Cry Primal. There wasn't a whole lot else to comment about, which is kind of sad because these segments usually provide viewers with a lot to take away from how the games operate, to some of their glitches, to some of the highlights and faults of the basic mechanics.

The most we got out of this episode was that Far Cry Primal has a really perverse badger that goes around humping the faces of its fallen enemies as if it were tea-bagging an opponent in Halo, back when that used to be a thing.

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