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Bungie's Destiny alpha has gotten off to a great start and has garnered tons of attention from the gaming audience once news went live that alpha keys would be sent out to PS4 owners.

Well, for everyone who happens to be unlucky enough not to own a PlayStation 4, doesn't have broadband or managed to miss the sign-up window to partake in the Destiny alpha, will still be able to experience a lot of what the alpha has to offer with live-streams currently taking place on Twitch.

Destiny is basically going to be Bungie's new take on their Halo success by expanding on the sci-fi, first-person shooter genre with something a little close to an MMO but slightly more more personal and intimate.

Instead of having hundreds of players fill up a shard or disperse within interchangeable instanced areas, Destiny focuses on giving players more individualized space in small squads. Players become more focused on story growth and atmospheric engagement instead of worrying about someone else stealing kills or corrupting a quest by inadvertently (or intentionally) tagging a boss.

The open-world gameplay lends itself as a mix between Borderlands and Trion's sci-fi MMO, Defiance. You get a lot of space to move around in and a linear form of progression through stages, but you also get some room to toy around with exploration and side-questing.

Now I haven't completely seen how all the side-missions roll out or what the non-story missions look like when you just run around and goof off, but you might be able to catch a glimpse in an hour long playthrough from the PlayStation 4 alpha test below, courtesy of CramGaming.

I still haven't become sold on this game. Maybe it's just one of those titles you have to play to fully understand? It kind of feels very generic when watching someone play and I've yet to come to terms of saying that I would like to play it myself. The Halo: Master Chief Collection? Definitely. Destiny? Not so much.

As Activision and Bungie move toward the release of the game and offer more content and allow for more media impressions, perhaps they can win over the audience that hasn't completely given in to the hype. However, they only have until September to do so.

If you already registered for an alpha key be sure to keep track of your e-mail as a key might be in your inbox. You can learn more about Destiny by paying a visit to the game's official website. The title is due for release this year on old-gen systems and the Xbox One and PS4.
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