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Watch Destiny Player Beat Crota With His Voice

Because folks can't just play Destiny using a controller the way the good folks at Bungie intended, now we've got a guy taking down Crota with nothing but the power of his voice.

When most gamers talk to their TV, it's usually to curse a game for a sudden spike in difficulty or make none-too-kind comments about the folks they're playing in an online battle. When Youtuber Sean Gallagher talks to his TV, the dang thing listens.

Gallagher recently posted a video that shows off how powerful his voice truly is, using it to guide a hunter in Destiny through one of the game's toughest challenges. While taking down Crota is no longer the ultimate Destiny feat now that big-daddy Oryx has arrived, it can still be a pretty good test of skills for even the most seasoned players.

But while most players are using a controller (or maybe a Rock Band guitar or some such nonsense) to control the game, Gallagher instead tells his Guardian to jump and the guy asks “how high?”

No, seriously, this guy is traipsing through Destiny simply by saying “Double jump...Left 90...Crouch...Sprint forward...Pick up...180...Heavy....Attack...” It's kind of insane.

According to the video description, Gallagher's pal, fUnderdog did all of the programming work using the voice command tools of CronusMax. As a result, Gallagher has to be pretty monotone and clear when making his commands, so don't expect the above video to be the most exciting Crota battle to date. He barely makes it through, in fact, which is something he freely admits in the description.

I'll be the first one to say that I am soooooo lucky at the end of this. I don't know how my character was even able to land that last hit. We had the 'Smash 3' command set so that the character would move forward while committing 3 slams. As you can see, he does move forward away from Crota. However, the crazy aim assist allowed for the third hit! I ain't even mad.

We especially enjoyed the point where Gallagher realized some of the programming wasn't quite popping off like it was supposed to. “Dude, right is broken,” he says, followed by an explanation that he's the furthest he's ever been into the battle using only his voice.

I don't know what compels people to keep playing Destiny and even the much more difficult Bloodborne in insane ways like this, but if you'll keep posting them, we'll keep watching them.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.