A day after confirming the platforms for open-world game Watch Dogs, Ubisoft has sent out the official box art. Sadly, the images they sent don't include a PS4 packshot.

Watch Dogs is set in Chicago in the near future. In this game's alternate history, the blackout of 2003 was caused by a hacker. Governments responsed by creating central operating systems that control all of an area's technology. They also tracks all of the citizens.

Protagonist Aiden Pearce is described as a vigilante who hacks the Chicago's central operating system (ctOS) with his phone and uses the system's power to his advantage. For example, he can locate a target by tracking their cell phone, or stop a train so he can use it as a getaway vehicle. The hacking aspect of the game is supplemented by combat. It's appropriate, then, that the box art shows him wielding a smartphone and a handgun.

Watch Dogs resurfaced earlier this week at the PS4's announcement event. Ubisoft showed off a new demo with four minutes of fresh footage for the game. Watch Dogs will launch alongside the PS4. The console is expected to arrive this fall.

The game's also in development for Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii U. Box art for those platforms can be found below. Ubisoft might be making the game for the next Xbox as well but we'll have to wait until Microsoft announces that hardware.

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